I have selected the product and I want to pay Buyshuy?

Congratulations on your purchase!!! Buyshuy provides multiple payment methods to its customers.  So be assured that whatever you’re online mode of payment, the gateway is trusted payment method adopted by the partners & they use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.

Customers can use all currently available Internet Banking, , Cash on Delivery and Wallet to make your purchase.

Buyshuy also accepts payments made using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards in India and 21 other countries.

Does BUYSHUY has any hidden charges (Octroi or Sales Tax) when I make a purchase on their website?

Evercharge is fianllly shown on the last payment page , before you finalise your choice and then the preview window shows you the detail on charges , which may or may not include delivery charges as per the product chosen, all payment to be made are clearly visible on the “CART” option.

What is Cash on Delivery?

Customers who don’t want to purchase the items using the gateway , then need support of making payment on  delivery at the defined address, so this process is called cash on delivery, before handing over the product , the courier boy has a duty to collect payment first.

The maximum order value for a Cash on Delivery (C-o-D) payment is ₹20,000. It is strictly a cash-only payment method. No Gift Cards or store credit will be honoured in C-o-D orders. No Foreign currency cannot be used to make a C-o-D . Only INR accepted.

How do I pay using a credit/debit card?

ALL payments made by credit/debit cards issued in India and 21 other countries are accepted by us.

Credit cards/ debit cards

We accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. Nowadays of the e payment revolution every Indian citizen is well versed on How to use credit cards/ debit cards for online purchase,  as a procedure on the payment page you will have to select the credit card/ debit card option, enter your card number, expiry, vpin , in the provided box , all payments of your purchase are secured through OTP managed by your bank card on their secure page.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Buyshuy?

Your online transaction on BUYSHUY is secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet. BUYSHUY uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect your card information while securely transmitting it to the respective banks for payment processing.

What precautions BUYSHUY take sto prevent card fraud?

Every  method to secure the transaction leak as prescribed the the govt one commerce is been taken by us , now with the latest OTP system , we hope there is been more security, we pledge to be with our customer in his fight for any such fraud reported , if this fraud exists by mistake or work load omission.

TAKE 3D secure password?

The 3D Secure password is implemented by VISA and MasterCard in partnership with card issuing banks under the “Verified by VISA” and “MasterCard Secure Code” services, respectively.

The 3D secure password adds an additional layer of security through identity verification for your online credit/debit card transactions. This password, which is created by you, is known only to you. This ensures that only you can use your card for online purchases.

Can I use my bank's Internet Banking feature to make a payment?

Yes. Buyshuy also offers you the convenience of using your bank’s Internet Banking service to make a payment towards your order.  Almost all major Indian banks are covered under this.

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